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About Us

Bliss, Wilkens, Clayton & Diemer is a team of seasoned advocates with a single objective:  To discover and obtain the best possible outcome for each client.  We draw upon decades of experience in courtrooms, boardrooms and communities across Alaska and Arizona.  We seek to understand the diverse and unique objectives of every client, and are prepared to help each client realize a positive outcome best suited for their particular circumstance.

Clients not only receive the dedicated attention of our experienced lawyers from beginning to end, they have the entire Bliss, Wilkens, Clayton & Diemer team behind them. We collaborate to determine the best course of action for our clients. Achievement of thoughtfully chosen client objectives is the daily mission of the lawyers and other professionals at Bliss, Wilkens, Clayton & Diemer.

The firm is a member of the Legal Netlink Alliance, which offers clients access to a multi-state and international network of top quality law firms.

Bliss Wilkens Clayton & Diemer enjoys a Martindale-Hubbell rating of AV.